Is there anything more American than July 4th and hot dogs?

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Thanksgiving has turkey. And, it seems, the Fourth of July has hot dogs. Many a grill today will feature the plump links of meat that are eventually slid into the side of a bun, often getting smothered in ketchup, mustard, and chopped onions.

We'll eat enough hot dogs today to stretch from Washington, DC to Los Angeles five times, according to Bloomberg Businessweek. But the article notes Americans' love affair with the hot dog may be coming to an end. Perhaps it's a more health-conscious lifestyle, the skyrocketing cost of beef, or a younger generation that would rather eat a taco or sushi than scarf down a humble hot dog.

Whatever the case may be at your Fourth of July celebration, federal health officials remind us that we need to be careful with the food that's left over. It can only stay outside for about two hours. On days when the temperature reaches 90° F or above, food can only stay outside the refrigerator for an hour. And, they note, leftovers heated-up in the microwave should be cooked until all parts of the food are at 165° F. The Department of Health and Human Services has some tips on how to make sure your microwave accomplishes that.

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