Mother asks public to help find daughter with drug history

Candice Williamson, missing since June 25
Candice Williamson, missing since June 25

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - A 19-year-old girl addicted to heroin left her mother's house after being clean for more than one month. Her family has filed a missing report and is looking for her to keep her clean.

Eighteen months ago, Candice Williamson revealed to her mother that she was addicted to heroin during an argument.

After catching Candice seconds from getting high on Christmas Eve, and helping her detox five times, Robin Knott, Candice's mother knew it was time to find other help.

Knott heard about Casey's Law, which allows someone to force an adult to get treatment against their will, and started the process.

Instead of going to jail to await treatment after a hearing in May, Candice was sent to her mother's house, where she stayed clean for 49 days.

"I finally felt like it was her again.  It was my sweet little girl," said Knott.

But after that, she relapsed.

Then, with a late night phone call to her mother from a street corner in Over-The-Rhine, Candice was finally ready for help.

"That's when she told me she wanted a different life; she just didn't know how to do it," added Knott.

But just hours later, she was gone.  Her mother thinks she ran away because she was scared that she was about to be turned in for violating the court's order.

"She woke up around 3 o'clock, took a shower and left, snuck out the back door and was gone," said Knott.

Her family hasn't seen or heard from her since June 25 at their home in Bromley.

After hours of putting up signs begging for the public's help, Candice's family has one message.

"If you see my daughter, please, please.  If you don't want to call me because my name and number is on the fliers, then call the police," Knott told FOX19.

Candice's family has filed a missing persons report, and there are felony warrants out for her arrest. Candice has blonde hair and brown eyes, and wears glasses.  She is 5'2" and weighs 115 lbs.

If you see her or know where she is, call your local police department, or Robin Knott, Candice's mother, at (859) 409-5992.