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Principal accused of having teachers pass failing students


Teachers at one Union County school are coming forward claiming the principal at Forest Hills High school, Dr. Kevin Pue, is pressuring  teachers to change grades. 

One teacher, who didn't want to be identified, claims this is how the conversation between teacher and principal went.

"You have to learn to be creative," the teacher said. "To find ways for these students to pass, which is an inference in just making up the grades and I was not the only one who was told this."

The teacher claims teachers went along with this to keep a job.

"He would hold it against the teachers," the teacher said. "And they wouldn't be invited to teach if the students didn't pass."

The teacher also claims the district conducted an investigation into Pue. District officials gathered teachers to discuss the accusations.

WBTV contacted the Union County School District about the Pue possibly forcing teachers to change a grade and an investigation.  The district spokesperson says the district cannot confirm nor deny there was an investigation. The district also says if there was a demotion or resignation, the district would contact us.

The teacher claims there is proof of this behavior.  The teacher claims there is a letter that indicated a school administrator switched a grade.

"That was a student that had a 25 or 35," the teacher said. "And changed to a 70."

The teacher claims that administrator got nervous and changed the grade back. The teacher goes on to say during the school year teachers started to give up.

"I heard teachers laughing and joking," the teacher said. "Stating that this is a great school to work for. Once you learn the ropes  - you don't have to teach, just hand out the A's and B's. That's all he wants."

State law does allow principals to change grades, but the district believes students should receive the grade he or she deserves.

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