Cincy skyline made out of playing cards comes down

Source: Horseshoe Casino
Source: Horseshoe Casino

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Bryan Berg is a world class cardstacker who took on a very big project.

Berg built the Cincinnati skyline out of playing cards at Horseshoe Casino. The project was completed on Thursday morning and torn down on Friday morning.

It's all part of the Horseshoe Casino's '$3 Million Summer Giveaway'.

The city skyline may have taken decades to build, but not like this.

"When Horseshoe does something, they do it big.  So, we've got a big house of cards for you, and it'll be up for the rest of the week," said Berg, a Guinness World Record Holder for cardstacking.

He holds two world records. One is for the tallest house of cards, and the other is for the largest ever built, which took him 45 days to complete at the Venetian in Macau.

"The tallest house of cards is 26 feet tall and the largest one is about 4,000 decks. So, I guess I'm kind of the go-to guy for card stacking," added Berg.

Berg used around 40,000 cards to build his masterpiece, which translates to nearly 800 decks. With seven decks weighing a pound, he says it's going to take more than a huff and puff to blow it all down.

"When I use hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of decks, it gets really heavy.  We get a lot of sneezing jokes here at the casino when people are going by, and they really think they're funny, but the reality is that you could get really close and blow as hard as you wanted, and nothing would really happen," Berg told FOX19.

It really did come crashing down on Friday when members of the Hamilton County Special Olympics assisted Horseshoe staff in tearing down the project right on the casino floor.

This wasn't Berg's first work of art in the state of Ohio. Just last week, he built the Cleveland skyline.

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