Tri-State streets flooded by heavy rain

(FOX19) - Most of the pavement in one area of Norwood was covered by flood waters on Wednesday afternoon, in addition to several other neighborhoods across the Tri-State.

"It was like a swimming pool out here," said Norwood resident Czarna Hill, who witnessed the flooding.

Residents say it's pretty rare to see flooded streets in this area, but places surrounding Elm Avenue were some of the hardest hit by heavy rains on Wednesday.

"The water was shooting up out of the manhole cover all over.  It was all the way up to this tree and beyond.  It's going down the side of the house," added Hill.

Residents say the sewers along the roads had a hard time draining the water from the streets.

"They don't seem to be able to hold the water and when it starts flooding, it's starts going down and starts a Niagara Falls," one woman told FOX19.

Thankfully, Hill didn't have any damage from the rain, but the water was dangerously close to her home.

"It was up over my sidewalk on the side of my house this time," Hill told FOX19.

Many residents expressed to FOX19 that everywhere you looked, there was nothing but flood water.

"That drain over there, it was just a whirlpool.  The parking lot over here was like another swimming pool," said Hill.

In addition to Norwood, water had to be pumped out of basements in several homes along Muddy Creek Road in Covedale.

A FOX19 viewer sent us some amazing video of a sewer spewing water straight into the air in Western Hills.

In Covington, residents there are still trying to clean up from last weekend's flood waters. For one family on Warren Street, part of their home flooded last weekend with water and sewage.

Now, they're left tearing out drywall, cleaning up mold and fixing several appliances.

"The dryer does not work. We don't know if the furnace works yet.  But, we just used a lot of bleach, a lot of water, threw out what we had to, and we're still working on cleaning up the mess," said resident Charlene Dietz.

Dietz says her home flooded three times during the rains last weekend.

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