Lulu app lets women rate men like restaurants

(FOX19) - Do you know Lulu? If you're a man, chances are she knows you!

It's a new app that allows women to anonymously rate men, described as the 'Yelp for men'. Lulu lets women rate their male friends, boyfriends and ex's like restaurants.

Lulu app fan Michelle Dao reads, "Nose hair!?  It's so mean but I love it."

Here's how it works: Once the app is downloaded, Lulu links to your Facebook profile and pulls in all the men you know, and even some you don't.

Will women believe it? Dao will, "I think this is helpful."

It allows users to rate men via pre-written hashtags, some positive and some negative, including: #RemembersBirthdays #AlwaysPays #DudeCanCook #NoChemistry #OwnsCrocs #SwearsLikeASailor and #ForgotHisWallet.

FOX19 asked the 'Dating Doctor' himself, David Coleman what he thinks about the app.

"Have you ever gone to a movie that got bad reviews, and you went and you loved it? So you're not going to date someone because another woman puts some type of review of him. For all you know, she may not be over her ex," said Coleman.

Coleman says the app isn't valid because the posts are anonymous.

"Always remember that someone had an ulterior motive for what they posted, and if they were in a good relationship, they wouldn't have time to get on Lulu," said Coleman.

Even so, Lulu is getting more and more popular with women, but guys like Chris Grannen hope they don't believe everything they read.

"I would hope people would look past a review," said Grannen.

If males reading this now want to go and download the app and see what women are saying about you... you can't. Lulu is only available for women ages 17 and older. The app verifies that you are a woman of age through your Facebook account.

First launched in February, the app already has more than 200,000 men rated and reviewed.

So... If you're looking to find out the dirt on your next date, there's an app for that.

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