Program brings AC relief to local homes in-need

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - The dog days of summer can be a tough time for those without air conditioning, especially when combined with medical conditions.

The Cincinnati-Hamilton County Community Action Agency has a Summer Crisis Program that's designed to help those in-need. The program provides a fan, air conditioner, or utility assistance for local applicants who qualify.

The steady drone of an air conditioner can be an annoyance to some people, but it can be music to the ears of someone who is suffering in the summer heat, like 61-year-old Roy Wright.

"It means a great deal to me and my two daughters, especially with my disabilities. I've recently had two surgeries on my heart this year," Wright explained to FOX19's Gordon Graham.

Wright is happy to get a new air conditioner because he says his Walnut Hills apartment can get brutally hot in the summer.

"It's like an oven, so when I get hot and, you know, when I sweat of course that has a bad reaction on my heart."

He believe the Summer Crisis Program has saved his life, "They've been great, okay. They deserve a lot of praise for what they do for people."

The program helps people like Karen Lapping's neighbor in Sycamore Township.  The neighbor couldn't apply himself because of medical problems, so Lapping says she came in his place.

"He's got a couple of medical conditions that are serious, and he's also blind and he doesn't tolerate the heat," explained Lapping.

Michelle Hopkins, Community Relations Manager with the Cincinnati-Hamilton County Community Action Agency says people falling ill because of the heat is the kind of situation the Summer Crisis Program is intended to address.

"We're trying to help people. Make sure they stay cool in their homes so no one gets sick or even worse because it's a very serious time for heat. It can be dangerous."

Last year, the Summer Crisis Program helped some 3,000 area families.

The organization is on track to do about the same in 2013, although the guidelines have changed. The income guidelines are lower, and those who have received an air conditioner or fan in the last three years are not eligible this year.

The program runs through August 31 or until funds/products are exhausted.

For more information on who qualifies, visit or call (513) 569-1856.

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