Revitalization 'in the works' for Queensgate?

QUEENSGATE, OH (FOX19) - You don't have to look very hard to see vacant buildings in Queensgate.

Some of those buildings like the old Hudepohl Brewery and the Queensgate Correctional Facility have been vacant for years, while others like the Butternut Bread building have just recently become empty.

"There was a lot of interest in this area before the economy collapse," said David Noell, President of the Queensgate Business Alliance.

Noell says now that interest is coming back.

In fact, earlier this year the Cincinnati Port Authority entered into a resolution to acquire the Hudepohl site but did not go through with the deal.

"We decided not to pursue these acquisitions this spring and are still refining a strategy for Queensgate redevelopment that aligns with GO Cincinnati place-based redevelopment goals," said Gail Paul, Director of Communication Strategy at the Cincinnati Port Authority.

A GO Cincinnati study conducted in 2008 recommended that Queensgate/South Mill creek be redeveloped as a "green" industrial park.

David Noell agrees that the future of Queensgate is industrial development.

"If you look at Queensgate we have this confluence of river transportation, highway and in addition to that we have heavy rail. No where around here matches the transportation that we have to offer," said Noell.

There has been some recent progress. Neyer Properties just bought Gateway West Office Park on West 8th St., which includes three large office buildings. The plan is to keep those buildings as office space.

While there might not be an immediate answer to what will happen with many of the vacant buildings, Noell says there are things in the works.

"I do think that things within two years, you'll start to see things being built," said Noell.

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