Clermont Co. Humane Society under fire by local rescue shelter

BATAVIA, OH (FOX19) - A local rescue shelter says the Clermont County Humane Society refuses to let them rescue animals and would rather see them killed.

In our commitment to balanced news, we talked to humane society officials.  Karen Turpin of the humane society's board of directors says they don't work with the Peppermint Pig because they have a comfort level issue with the rescue group.

The Peppermint Pig in Anderson Township is a thrift shop that helps fund their no-kill animal rescue program.  The group's director says the Clermont County Humane Society doesn't want to work with these kind of programs.

"They've been very difficult.  They refuse to work with rescue.  They'll tell you that they do, but I can't get them to name any rescues that have pulled more than 10 dogs out of there in the last year.  They just don't do it," said Joyce Hutchinson, executive director of the Peppermint Pig Animal Rescue.

However, Turpin says they work with more than 25 rescues in the area.  She says they no longer work with the Peppermint Pig because they don't want to meet and talk about some unanswered questions with the humane society's management.  They say it's an issue of comfort with the group.

Hutchinson sees it differently.

"I did agree to sit down and talk with her, but I told her I would bring an attorney, and then she said, 'Well, then nevermind.  The partnership is dissolved," says Hutchinson.

Turpin told FOX19 the issues didn't require any attorneys.

Hutchinson says paperwork was done many years ago, and they were never called about picking up any animals.  After refilling paperwork and taking around 25 animals during a six-week partnership, it abruptly came to an end, according to Hutchinson.

She says the humane society would rather see animals euthanized.

"I think they absolutely would rather put animals down.  That's the only way that I can see it, in my opinion," Hutchinson told FOX19.

Turpin says, of the adoptable animals at their facility, they only euthanize 10-12%  She added that they only euthanize adoptable animals when there is no one who can take them.

In a statement to FOX19 Turpin says:

"The Clermont County Humane Society approached Peppermint Pig and asked them to meet with us when a concern was raised about their rescue. Peppermint Pig informed the shelter director that they would only meet with their attorney present. We advised that we did not feel an attorney was needed.

Until such time that our concern is resolved, we are not comfortable adopting additional animals to their rescue.

Earlier this week, members of the executive committee of the volunteer board of directors, met and agreed to reach out to Peppermint Pig in an effort to repair the partnership. If they are willing to meet and resolve the issue, we will happy to add them back to our approved list of over 25 local rescue organizations."

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