Career expert delves deeper on getting back into the workforce

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - This week, Career Strategist and President of The Bauke Group Julie Bauke will be on the FOX19 Morning Xtra everyday to talk to women about a tough topic - rejoining the workforce.

Whether you left to raise your children, care for an ailing relative or because you were laid off, Julie will spend each day teaching you real life skills to get you back in the game.

The first step is getting to know yourself. Julie wants you to get clear on what is most important to you, personally and professionally. Be able to articulate what your skills are.

Know what you want in your life. It is important to realize exactly what you want to offer the market and who you are.

You also need to know the market. What is the market looking for and what is in demand? There needs to be a demand for your skill set. Figure out what the market wants before you position yourself.

Get clear on what your marketable skills are. Sometimes it is hard to think about our own skills and assets. If this is tough for you, start a conversation with friends and those in the workforce. Ask those who are close to you for advice.

Bauke also stresses getting to know the job market. Julie provides information on who will pay you to do what you want to do. She also shares with you skills or knowledge you need to beef up/ bring up to date. Some things to consider in this stage:

  • Who is hiring for your skills?
  • Get clear on your options
  • Think big!

When developing a plan for success, it is important to do so on your own terms. Set job and career goals for yourself. Crucial in this stage is deciding what success means to you. What does success and happiness look like? This is a stage only you can answer. Every successful person has to climb a mountain to get where they are. Don't be afraid to take that first step.

Long and short term goals both need to be set. Short term goals are crucial to getting started. After accomplishing these short term goals, you can build on success to get to the next level. Success does not build overnight.

Networking in your personal and professional circle is critical to rejoining the workforce. It is necessary to identify key contacts who can potentially be a gateway to your endeavors. Reach out and express your goals so that it is out in the open. Don't be afraid to ask for help because asking a question can go a mile in your career.

Once you have established what you want in life, it is time to put your plan into action. It is almost avoidable to expect ups and downs in your career; one day you may receive positive information and the next week you don't get a follow-up.

Don't personalize every bad situation because it can ultimately dampen your attitude and confidence. When you begin to market your talents, think of yourself as a product or business. Ask yourself, "what do I have to offer?" Be clear about your strengths and weaknesses and most importantly, what you want to do in your career.

When you network and lack a specific career goal, it reduces your opportunity to advance. People will know how to connect you to the right contacts if you are specific about your goals.

Last but not least, surround yourself with a support system - inside and outside of your home. Other people who interact with you don't see you the same way; therefore, it is important to talk to others, brainstorm, and get a perception of you from an outside point of view.

We hope you enjoyed Julie Bauke's tips for women who are re-entering the workforce.