Newsroom renovation: Week one complete

Our temporary newsroom mascot
Our temporary newsroom mascot

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - This was our first week in our temporary newsroom while our new one gets built. If you missed our previous story, we are getting a new newsroom that's going to work a lot better for our growing staff.

The quarters are a bit cramped but we've had a lot of fun sharing the same small room. Laugher travels quickly!

Half our staff is still in the newsroom but they will be joining us after this weekend.

Two of our edit bays were torn down to make room for a new office and studs were put up for our expanded studio.

The contractors were hard at work roughing out the new control room and green room. That new green room will come in handy for our fun morning show guests.

Our productions staff is super excited to try our new audio board (nerds).

Even bigger changes are coming next week so stay tuned!

- Rachel Folz, Digital Content Director