Prison food vendor charged for unserved meals

AP Statehouse Correspondent

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) - Several state audits show a private vendor in line to begin feeding nearly 100,000 inmates in Ohio and Michigan has a track record of questionable billing, using substandard ingredients and riling prisoners with meal offerings.

Elsewhere, Philadelphia-based Aramark Correctional Services has experienced few problems.

The Ohio Civil Service Employees Association representing roughly 8,600 adult and youth corrections workers questions whether Aramark can deliver $14 million in annual savings without cutting corners.

Audits in Kentucky, Florida and Ohio found Aramark charged states for meals not served, substituted cheaper ingredients into recipes or served inadequate portions.

Requests for comment left with the company weren't immediately returned.

A Kansas prisons department spokesman says strong state oversight has led to a positive overall experience with Aramark in that state for at least a decade.

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