Cincinnati participates in nationwide rallies for Trayvon Martin

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - More than several dozen people gathered at Piatt Park on Sunday, July 14 to peacefully rally for justice for Trayvon Martin after a jury ruled that George Zimmerman was not guilty in his death.

Those gathered were of all ages and races, but their message was the same: Trayvon Martin did not get justice.

Jasmime Costin says she identifies with Trayvon's parents.

"I want to stand in solidarity for the cause. I mean I have a son, a little brown boy and you know I was just devastated," said Costin.

Many of the protesters stated that they were disappointed with the criminal justice system; Sun Smith is one of them.

"A lot needs to be changed about our criminal justice system. Honestly I was just really, really shocked to hear that all of the jurors were, you know, white women," said Smith.

Vanessa Spark, another protestor, also said she has been let down. '

"The justice system is not just and even though we have these alleged laws that are supposed to serve and protect they often end up violating our rights as human beings," said Spark.

Some of those protesting the Zimmerman verdict plan to meet again at 6:30 p.m. on Wednesday, July 17 at the downtown public library.

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