Community Action Agency providing heat help

BOND HILL, OH (FOX19) - Dangerously hot temperatures are predicted all this week. The Cincinnati Hamilton County Community Action Agency reminds you that heat like we are experiencing can put individuals at risk for heat related illness. CAA has a way to help those in our community most in need.

The Community Action Agency 'Summer Crisis' program is in full swing. We are encouraging individuals to take advantage of the program that provides an air conditioner or fan for those who qualify, specifically the elderly and those with chronic health conditions.

It is important to check on elderly and individuals with illnesses that decrease their ability to respond to extreme heat (those with heart and kidney disease, high blood pressure, recent stroke, diarrhea or mental illness). Infants and small children are also at greater risk to experience heat related illness.

A reminder that there are several changes to the program this year, including income requirements that are lower than last year. In addition, if you have received a fan or air conditioner from the CAA in the last three years, you will not be eligible. Seniors and those with chronic medical conditions will qualify as long as a signed statement from a doctor is provided. A photo ID must be presented showing the age and address of the senior.

CAA staff will be taking walk-ins at the offices at 1740 Langdon Farm Road in Bond Hill. You can also call for an appointment at 866-747-1039 or call the Community Action Agency directly at 513-569-1840. ‘Summer Crisis' runs through August 31.