Tips to protect yourself from social media hackers

(FOX19) - Most of us are on Facebook or Twitter, which are sometimes hit by hackers.

Dave Hatter stopped by the FOX19 Morning News, bringing with him a few tips to protect yourself from online hackers.

  • Understand the Phishing threat and how to avoid it (See links below for detail)
  • Be wary of any link, regardless of the sender, if it requires a login or sensitive information such as password, SSN, bank account number, etc. Contact the person or organization that sent it to confirm that it's legitimate
  • Always use strong passwords. Strong passwords are comprised of at least 8 numbers, symbols and mixed-case characters (e.g. IL0v3F0x19!). More characters are always better. (See links below for more detail)
  • Ensure that each social media platform you use has a unique, strong password
  • Change your passwords regularly
  • Create and use separate, unique e-mail addresses for each platform
  • Look for messages and/or postings with misspellings and typos, multiple fonts, oddly placed accents, outrageous headlines, urge immediate action, or that make ridiculous offers.
  • Be wary of messages or postings that claim to have file attachments, especially if they claim to have sensitive information such as a password.
  • Mismatched links: Hover over a link with your mouse then look at the status bar at the very bottom left side of your browser window to ensure that the link actually points the place shown in the email.
  • If you have any doubt whatsoever, contact the organization that appears to have sent the message or posting

For more information, Hatter provides us with a couple of links for additional reading: