Lockland school board officially fires superintendent

Donna Hubbard
Donna Hubbard

LOCKLAND, OH (FOX19) - The Lockland school board voted on Monday night to officially terminate the contract of former superintendent Donna Hubbard.

Hubbard was placed on paid administrative leave last summer after the Ohio Department of Education found that Lockland filed false attendance data to help improve its state testing results.

Her status soon changed to unpaid administrative leave with the intention of terminating her contract.

Hubbard filed a lawsuit last August, accusing the board of deliberating about their decision behind closed doors during a public meeting.

Board president Terry Gibson issued the following statement:

"I do not take any pleasure in the action that is being taken this evening, the termination of Mrs. Donna Hubbard. She serviced the students and families of this district for 38 years with passion and commitment. However, in her role as the superintendent, serious infractions were made. These infractions were documented and confirmed by an independent hearing officer, Attorney John Heron. I believe that a fair and comprehensive process has been completed. As such, the action of the Board of Education to terminate Mrs. Hubbard's employment is warranted. The only people being hurt by continuing the process beyond this evening are the ones we all got into this business to serve, the boys and girls who attend the Lockland School District.

"It is time for the Lockland School District to move forward. I thank the staff members for their dedication to the district. I look forward to working with our new superintendent, Dr. Matt Bishop, for the benefit of our students."

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