Blighted apartments in Evanston torn down

Map of the area from Google
Map of the area from Google

EVANSTON, OH (FOX19) - The St. Leger Apartments started to come down Wednesday morning to make way for a brand new development.

The apartments were located near the intersection of Montgomery Road and Woodburn Avenue, right in the heart of Evanston.

"It's just a blessing, it's just a blessing to get something new on the block," said Mary Jane Clay, a former resident at the apartments.

Dozens of Evanston residents gathered to celebrate the demolition and a fresh start for the area. It has been a hot bed for crime in years past.

Many residents say they didn't feel safe living in the apartments. "You didn't know if you wanted to come out the front door or the back door, I was just paranoid," said Clay. "When I stayed there, I stayed mostly to myself. That's just the only way to live in an area like this."

Community members now hope those days are over. Twenty four new townhomes are in the works to be built on the site.

"These 24 new homes are going to be LEED certified, so energy efficient, they're the first visible sign of a major turn around and a new day in Evanston," said Cincinnati Vice Mayor Roxanne Qualls.

Qualls says Evanston's location is perfect for quick revitalization, "right next to Hyde Park, connected to Xavier University," said Qualls. "This whole area is ripe for a quick turn-a-round and housing."

The City of Cincinnati received grant money from the state to do the demolition and the city had to match those funds dollar for dollar. City officials say to expect more demolition projects soon.

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