Tips to beat the heat and your energy bill

(FOX19) - Summer is in full swing. Although it's not as hot out as 2012, it's still a time when our utility bills skyrocket. As temperatures continue to rise, unfortunately so does the cost of your electric bill.

So, to cut back on the summer heat costs FOX19 spoke with an expert on Tuesday.

"When it's as hot as it is today, any system in a home is going to work a lot harder to keep people cool," said Greater Cincinnati Energy Alliance CEO Andy Holzhauser.

Holzhauser says there are simple things you can do to save yourself some money, including a programmable thermostat.

"If they know they're going to be home at 5 p.m., they can set it for 4 p.m. to come on so it's ready when they get there," he added.

Turning off your appliances when you leave the house is definitely a good idea, but Holzhauser says don't forget to unplug them.

"If your coffee machine starts up in a matter of seconds, it's because it was already warming even though you thought it was off, and so it's consuming money and it's consuming energy," he said.

You can also make sure your curtains are closed so the sun doesn't make it feel warmer inside your home and forcing your air conditioning to work harder!

Holzhauser also says to make sure you replace your air filters once a month because the dirt could block the air flow.

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