Cincinnati 6th street construction sites plagued by theft - Cincinnati News, FOX19-WXIX TV

Cincinnati construction sites plagued by theft


Thefts from contractors working on the 6th Street viaduct in Cincinnati are a common occurrence, according to officials with the Ohio Department of Transportation.

The company repainting the 6th Street viaduct in Cincinnati has been plagued by thefts of sand blasting equipment, electrical cords and batteries.  

Dimitri Karalis, a supervisor with UCL Inc., an ODOT contractor, says in the past week his job site has been hit by thieves every other night. 

Karalis says the thefts are costing the company about $4,000 each time they're hit including the time it takes to replace the stolen materials and equipment.  

Cincinnati police say thefts from construction sites happen throughout the year especially from sites that can't be secured.  

Nationally, about $1 billion worth of construction materials and equipment are lost through theft. 

ODOT officials say the cost of thefts are not passed on to the taxpayer because most contractors are insured.  

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