Local business raises money for Sickle Cell research

AVONDALE, OH (FOX19) - Sickle Cell Anemia is a blood disorder that affects hemoglobin, a protein found in red blood cells that helps carry oxygen throughout the body.

While the fundraiser for Sickle Cell awareness and prevention was held Thursday at Stags Barber Shop and Beauty Salon in Avondale, area children with Sickle Cell Disease were enjoying a normal summer day at Camp Joy in Clarksville.

Eleven year old Shanoah Moore of Forest Park has lived with the disease all her life and tells FOX19's Gordon Graham, "I want them to know because not very many people know about Sickle Cell."

Moore knows all too well about Sickle Cell because it causes her and others with the disease a lot of pain.

Twenty-one year old Mark Griffin says he's learned to manage, "It's hard for us. We have to know what we're doing at all times. We can't get too hot, too cold. We have to stay hydrated, you know what I mean, overworked, exhaust ourselves."

Jajuan Carr says he's learned to live with the disease.

"It was pretty tough when I was younger. As I got older I learned to live with it, learned to better cope with it," he said.

De'Angelo Boynton, owner of Stags Barbershop and Beauty Salon, expanded his shop by adding a day spa. Thursday was the grand opening and also a day to raise awareness of Sickle Cell.

Boynton says he's raising money in hopes of seeing sickle cell disappear.

"A lot of my friends children have Sickle Cell, and I just thought it would be something nice to do a partnership with Children's Hospital, and we're doing a donation and fundraiser," said Boynton.

James Pace with Cincinnati Children's Hospital says some of those funds will go to raise public awareness.

"Making sure that black men, black women are getting tested. You look at black men and physicians, and although we really believe we're a healthy group of individuals, we don't get to the doctor when we need to. We don't get our checks when we need to," said Pace.

De'Angelo was born and raised in this Avondale neighborhood, and he's always looking for ways to help out the community so it was a natural for him to want to help out with Sickle Cell awareness.

To learn more about Sickle Cell, follow this link: http://www.nhlbi.nih.gov/health/health-topics/topics/sca/

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