Are credit card thefts in Dearborn Co. part of a larger crime ring?

DEARBORN COUNTY, IN (FOX19) - Less than 24 hours after finding her husband's car was broken into, Sara Stutts says she feels "very violated."

Her husband's wallet and a GPS were both taken.  Her mother-in-law's car, also parked in the driveway, was also hit.  And a few doors down, the thieves also struck at the Bright, Indiana home of the Slaybacks.

The crooks got credit cards, cash and debit cards.  But even worse, Krista Slayback's husband is a sheriff's deputy.  His gun was taken from the trunk.

"A police-issued gun, the ammo, the whole gun belt," Krista Slayback said.

Investigators with the Dearborn County Special Crimes Unit say it's the second time in the past week the Bright area has been hit.  Each time, by the time unsuspecting victims realize it, the crooks have charged thousands of dollars at stores across the Tri-State.

"Prepaid visa cards, gift cards to restaurants, electronics," Shane McHenry of the Special Crimes Unit said. The thieves also charged gas.  In fact, they filled up at least three cars at a Western Hills Kroger Gas Station.

Investigators have surveillance video of two men who they think are involved, and they believe the men are pros.  What they don't know is whether they are working alone or are part of a more organized crime ring.

"Another M.O. of these guys is to pass off the credit card to their drug dealer and let the drug dealer use it to trade the credit card they know is good for drugs," McHenry said.

Whether it's for drugs or money, Sara Stutts says she doesn't really care.  What is frustrating is that someone stole something that belongs to her.

"I work hard for what we have.  My husband works hard what we we have everyday.  It's sad people take things from other people," Stutts said.

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