Complaint filed against Village of New Miami over speed cameras

HAMILTON, OH (FOX19) - A complaint has been filed against the Village of New Miami over speed cameras.

Attorney Mike Allen filed the complaint on behalf of four plaintiffs who received penalties as a result of speed cameras.

The village council passed an ordinance allowing speed cameras in July of 2012.

According to the complaint, speed cameras were placed on Riverside, Seven Miles and Hamilton Eaton roads in August of 2012.

Tickets were issued to drivers who exceeded the speed limit with a penalty of anywhere from $95 to $180.

A person who fails to respond to a notice of liability is deemed to have waived the right to contest liability and is subject to an additional find of $25.

The operator, Optotraffic, is believed to get 40% of the citations and related fees from the cameras. As you might remember, Optotraffic is the same operator who installed the now defunct Elmwood Place speed cameras.

A Hamilton County judge struck down those cameras back in March because he said they violated the due process.

In the complaint, Allen asserts that the primary purpose of the cameras was to make money and not to keep the public safe.

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