Great rate debate continues in Covington

COVINGTON, KENTUCKY (FOX19) - The great rate debate continues in Covington. If the issue is not resolved, Northern Kentucky families could be at risk for more flood damage.

At Saturday's monthly Mayor's meeting, Northern Kentucky officials argued whether to raise rates to pay for capital improvements in Northern Kentucky's sanitation district.

The improvements would save hundreds of homeowners from flooding like many saw earlier in July. However, these improvements will come with a price tag for all rate payers.

"I think that's why allot of elected officials are concerned about," said Chris Woeste of Fort Mitchell. "How can we simply sign on to rate increases when we're not being as efficient with the dollars we've got?"

"I think that's what they need right now is hope," said Covington Mayor Sherry Carrin. "As one of the residents said, every time it rains, now, they are all scared this is going to happen again to them."

No vote was taken in Saturday's meeting.

Once the mayors are able to prioritize the improvements necessary to stop the flooding, they will look at how much of a rate increase will be necessary.

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