Newsroom Renovation: Week 2 complete

Future home of our control room
Future home of our control room

Last week saw everyone who lives in the newsroom move into the temporary newsroom. Only our photographers are hanging on. They will be joining us in a few weeks.

The control room did not make as much progress as we anticipated but its moving along nicely.

Dry wall will be hung early this week on the new wall in the studio.

You won't notice it for a bit since we are keeping the existing wall up as long as possible to provide the best sound insulation from the construction noise.

The biggest change for the newsroom folks was the move of the vending machine. We are bummed there are extra stairs between us and a bag of Grippos. But it was totally necessary since it will give us some very nice bathrooms up there.

Thanks for following the renovation on!

- Rachel Folz, Digital Content Director