Newport officials discuss proposed scrap metal law

NEWPORT, KY (FOX19) - Newport officials are considering a proposed law which would prohibit scrap dealers and precious metal buyers from paying sellers in cash.

The Newport Board of Commissioners discussed the topic during a meeting Monday evening. Sellers would be paid with a check instead of cash in an effort to create a better paper trail.

Officials with River City Metals, a regional scrap recycling facility, conveyed their opposition to the proposed law.

"In tough economic times, this is a means of cash for people to put food on the table and something like this, this new law used with this broad brush to capture these few bad actors hurts a lot of people and that's not what we want," said Vice President of River City Metals Bob Eviston.

"They say a common sense law? Well obviously the law's not working now," argued Newport City Manager Thomas J. Fromme. "I know I would shudder to think how many hundreds and hundreds of thousands of dollars that we've had pillaged from residents in our own city that has just gone undiscovered."

Commissioners planned to hold a preliminary vote during the meeting but tabled the proposed scrap metal law until August. Newport and River City Metals officials plan to work together in the meantime to rework the law and come back to it next month.

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