Edgewood schools unanimously pass conceal carry policy

TRENTON, OH (FOX19) - The Edgewood School District in Butler County is now the second district in Ohio to approve a policy that will allow school administrators to carry guns in school.

The first, Newcomerstown Exempted Village School District in northern Ohio, adopted the policy earlier this summer.

The measure was passed unanimously on Monday evening by the Edgewood school board.

"To me, if I know the administrators are actually on site and have the necessary means to take action if anything would happen, that eases my mind," said Edgewood mother Mellisa Burns.

School officials say in order for an administrator to carry a gun on school property, they must have their conceal to carry permit, go through police officer training and then be deputized.

Finally, the school board must approve the administrator to even carry the gun.

"This policy will enhance how we protect our students and staff," explained Superintendent Doug Lantz.

Jim Miller, the vice president of the school board, has two children in the district.

"As a parent I would hope our district would be able to protect our kids, and if that requires using deadly force against someone who is trying to inflict harm on our kids, I think that is what has to be done," said Miller.

No administrator will be forced into the new policy, officials say.There has been interest expressed by at least one administrator so far.

The Edgewood School District has about 3,800 students enrolled.

Everyone we spoke with on Tuesday was in favor of the new policy. In our commitment to balanced news, sound off on our Facebook page if you are against it. We would like to hear from you.

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