Ohio lawmakers hold IRS hearing in Cincinnati

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Lawmakers in Ohio want answers about what happened at the Cincinnati IRS office which led to intense scrutiny of hundreds of groups applying for tax-exempt status.

Those lawmakers with the Policy and Legislative Oversight Committee held a hearing Thursday at the University of Cincinnati.

This issue is a black eye for this region and a black eye for the state of Ohio.

Among those that addressed the committee was Justin Binik-Thomas.

His name was singled out in a questionnaire from the IRS to the Liberty Township Tea Party. Thomas says he has never been a member of that Tea Party.

"I'm the only individual that was called out by name that we know of in the country, and there has to be a reason for that," said Thomas. "We need to get to the bottom why is there an individual and to make sure certain groups are impacted for political reason as well."

The President of the Liberty Township Tea Party also addressed the committee. The organization applied for tax-exempt status three years ago and still has not received a response.

In our commitment to balanced news, not everyone believes the IRS acted wrongfully.

"If in fact you have an organization that has party in the label, it makes sense for the IRS to take some time and question what you're about," said Catherine Turcer with Ohio Common Cause.

"I think the IRS is doing their job. Let's remember that the Tea Party came in an avalanche, and the IRS received hundreds of applications all at the same time," said David Little.

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