Locals robbed for church SUV and trailer in Nevada

LAS VEGAS (FOX19) - A mission trip to Las Vegas was derailed after a large group from a Northern Kentucky church had an SUV and a trailer packed with supplies stolen just a few miles from their destination.

The group from Burlington Baptist Church lost an entire trailer full of sound equipment, musical instruments, and items church members had planned to give away.

Ken Ford, a church deacon, says several members lost the clothes they had packed for the trip.

"Sixteen of our families had actually packed their own personal clothes in that trailer so we actually are now spending time clothing our own people out there and just buying the essentials like toothbrushes and toothpaste for them to get by," said Ford.

Ford says the theft occurred Thursday evening after the group traveled 2000 miles. When the church group decided to stop for dinner, thieves stole their trailer and SUV.

According to Ford, the mission group planned to do a lot during their week in Las Vegas.

"We were going to do a concert out there we had a band go out with us and they had a lot of sound equipment, speakers, amplifiers, sound boards, that type thing...a lot of instruments worth a lot of money....they were all on that trailer. We also had a lot of tooling, a lot of tools...we were going to do some construction work," said Ford.

Ford says the theft is also impacting the church's local charity efforts because the money used for others must now be used to aids its own church family.

Despite the loss the church group plans continue their mission.

"You would think that it would have affected us negatively and it did at first I'm going to be honest it did at first, but the group that's there has great resolve and they decided we're going to go forward and continue doing what we do," said Ford.

When other Las Vegas area churches heard about the theft they pitched in to donate supplies so that Burlington Baptist could continue with its mission.

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