Back-to-school tips for parents

(FOX19) - Taking time to talk with and listen to your child about the upcoming school year is one of the best ways parents can help their child transition to school life.

Karen Sexton with Cincinnati Children's Medical Center gives great advice on how to deal with children going to, or back to, school.

Preschoolers and kindergartners need to know what will happen. Sexton suggests taking the child to visit their school before school starts. Also, Sexton suggests talking to the child about a new school year, a new grade level and a new teacher. New challenges come with each year.

Elementary school children will need to adjust to new beginnings. Parents should allow their child some freedom to buy what they want, such as trendy folders or pencils. Sexton also suggests taking a trip to school before classes start to locate lockers and classrooms. She encourages a child's participation is at least one extracurricular activity or school club.

Teens need positive reinforcement. Parents should help teens set goals on how to get the best grades. Parents should also help keep teens organized and encourage their teen to get involved. Sexton reminds parents to keep the lines of communication open and to set aside family time at least twice a week.

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