Cincinnati officers take police pursuit training

BLUE ASH, OH (FOX19) - Cincinnati police officers are in the process of completing bi-annual police pursuit training at a course set up at the Blue Ash Airport. The behind-the-wheel experience is in addition to the classroom training officers receive.

"With hands-on you might make mistakes, but out here we have people to help you if you do make those mistakes," Officer Marcus Jackson told FOX19.

Jackson has been with the department for 13 years and has experienced the training pay off first-hand.

"When we're out on the street running patrol you just stop people and it just clicks in," Jackson explained. "Your training comes in and the more you train, the more it just flows normally."

"That's what we want," Captain Doug Wiesman said. "We want them to have a discussion and think about things and that's what this does; it lets them make some mistakes here so that they can take that to the street and keep people safe on the street."

Wiesman says training offers officers a chance to review best practices, including how to properly throw stop sticks during a chase.

"It's good to refresh yourself with different things that may happen in training that don't happen to you every day on the street, and it's just good to reinforce that all the time," he said.

Police are also able to practice new policies, including no longer having to make complete stops during a chase.

"The state law requires us to slow down and make sure the intersection is clear before we proceed through the intersection," Wiesman explained. "That is what we're teaching the officers to do. "

All patrol officers and other police that regularly get behind the wheel are required to complete the training.

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