Fast-food workers fed up with low wages

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Workers from McDonald's, Burger King and Wendy's were some of those on the picket lines across America this week with a message for better pay.

Some employees in the Tri-State want the same.

"It's getting to the point where a lot of people are getting fed up with it because it's not enough money to support their family," said a manager at a local McDonald's who wanted to remain anonymous.

Though she's making more than the $7.25 minimum wage at the center of these protests, things aren't any easier for her and her family.

"I'm only making $9.25 an hour. With three kids, it's kind of hard to get by because you got rent.  You got electricity," the manager added.

Another McDonald's worker is only making minimum wage.  He works the third shift and says he's trained other new employees who are now making more than him.

However, the man who used to work two jobs is now taking a different approach.

"Before, I was working two just to survive.  But I figure, Well, if I work one and try to make things better at McDonald's, I thought they might be able to look at me and recognize that he comes in here and does what he got to do," said Arthur Johnson, a local McDonald's employee.

One manager says even though she's struggling to make ends meet, she's putting her employees first to help their families.

"I'm really trying to get my workers more money. I got a lot of workers and their little checks is not enough for them.  A raise, or just more money coming in, would do a lot of justice," that anonymous manager told FOX19.

For Johnson, he's not asking for much.  He'd like $8 an hour, a raise of $0.75.  He said he'll once again be looking for a second job, but still, he'll be coming to work to do the job he already has.

"Once you show me that you really appreciate the work that I do, then I'm going to show you the appreciation back.  But, even though you don't show me appreciation, I'm going to continue still living with that positive attitude and still be able to come in and do what I'm supposed to do," Johnson told FOX19.

On top of better wages, some of those striking workers are seeking the right to unionize.

More strikes are planned in other cities this week.

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