Jim Berns drops out of Cincinnati mayoral race

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Libertarian candidate Jim Berns announced Wednesday he's dropping out of the Cincinnati mayoral race.

Berns officially announced his run in January when the Hamilton County Board of Elections determined that his petition efforts were successful.

In June, Berns announced he was handing out free 'marijuana' plants, which really turned out to be tomato plants.

Berns said he's dropping out because he doesn't think Cincinnati's mayoral race should include a primary election.

"The main point of me withdrawing is because there should not be a primary in a non-partisan election. Primaries are for Republicans and Democrats to sort out who they want to run in November and that's just fine. This mayoral primary wastes $400,000," Berns told FOX19 on Wednesday.

Roxanne Qualls, John Cranley and Susan Smith are still in the race.

Current Mayor Mark Mallory's term expires this year. The mayoral primary vote is September 10.

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