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Former UK player apologizes for stomping on homeless man

Terrence Jones Terrence Jones

PORTLAND, OR (WAVE) - A former UK basketball player accused of stomping on a homeless man's leg, posted an apology via his facebook page a day after he appeared in court.

Terrence Jones, 21, wrote, "I am extremely sorry and embarrassed for my actions. Sorry to all my family, friends, fans and everyone else who I've hurt. I'm taking steps to become a better person and a better role model."

The alleged victim, John Daniel Kellerher, said he has struggled with homelessness and drug addiction for almost 20 years and has never experienced anything like this.

After spending much of his life on the streets, Kellerher said he is lucky if he grabs a bed at a Portland Oregon shelter, but that doesn't often happen.

 Late Tuesday night he ended up in a doorway and said around 2:00 a.m. he was jolted awake. According to police, Jones was leaving a club with a large group of friends when he stomped on Kellerher's leg.

When asked how he feels, Kellerher said, "Very sad actually. It don't feel good. It's hard. I just want to cry."

 "Terrence Jones is a gentleman with not a mean bone in his body," said a statement from Jones' attorney. "While acknowledging that Terrence may not have been looking where he was walking, Terrence tripped over Mr. Kellerher. He did yell at him to ‘wake up' and may have nudged him."

Jones currently plays for the Houston Rockets. He is being charged with harassment and is expected back in court next Tuesday.

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