Chamber releases new Cincinnati video

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - The Cincinnati Chamber of Commerce has released a new video about all things Queen City.

The 2 minute video, Meet Cincinnati USA - We Do What We Lovefeatures a tour of Cincinnati hosted by Epipheo Studios Creative Director Levi Bethune.

Bethune takes the viewer around the city, showing that Cincinnati does what it loves. The sights include Great American Ball Park, Findlay Market, Music Hall, OTR, Fountain Square, Sawyer Point and our famous skyline.

Don't worry Cincinnatians, Bethune even shows of the other Skyline you love.

The idea for the video was born in a brainstorming session where everybody got to list the quirks they love about Cincinnati.

Bethune says Epipheo and the chamber chose to focus on the city from the ground; the people, places and sights that you'd want to show a visitor.

Bethune says Epipheo was proud to partner with the chamber to show a ground view of our town, instead of the skyline flybys and top 10 lists that litter most other city's chamber of commerce videos.

Bethune, who moved to and fell in love with Cincinnati last spring, will be moving to OTR this year with his wife and their children.

The video was created in preparation for the American Chamber of Commerce Executives Convention which is August 12-14, 2014 and was shown at this year's convention to get them pumped to visit our city.

This year, Epipheo was voted the best place to work in Cincinnati by the Enquirer.

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