Newsroom Renovation Week 4: New Green Room

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - We are finishing up the fourth week of our construction project and things are starting to take shape.

Our new control room went online Saturday night. We've got all the kinks worked out and now the production crew and the producers can enjoy our new, updated space.

Our guests on Friday got to take our new green room for its first test drive. It has a lot more space than it did before and better lighting.

Another new addition is the changing room. It's going to make it much easier to get the models dressed for morning news segments.

Demo continues in the newsroom, especially the area where the control room was. Walls are coming down and the floor is being taken down to the concrete so we can start fresh.

The new studio wall is all set up. It will be a while before you see it on air because we don't want all that construction ruckus to come through to your TV.

In our old break room, the framing went up for our new, bigger bathrooms. The ladies are all looking forward to having two stalls instead of one.

Thank you so much for following our newsroom rebuilding online!

- Rachel Folz, Digital Content Director