Ohio Colleges

More Ohioans completing college, at a higher cost

Ohio college students are dropping out of school less often than the national average, even though the state is losing ground in making college affordable. That's according to a report on higher education today by the independent, non-partisan National Center for Public Policy and Higher Education. The center uses census and federal education data to look at the public and private sectors of higher education. Ohio gets passing grades in four categories but -- like 35 other states -- flunks the affordability test. Grades in that category have fallen nationwide over the last four years as strapped states cut public aid to higher education, setting off a succession of tuition hikes. The state fared better in other report card categories. It got a B in college completion and B-minus for its benefits. The state received C-plus grades in how well it prepares students for college and on its residents' level of participation in higher education.