FOX19 Investigates: Court documents give window into shooting victim's life

Judge Lisa Bushelman's denial of shooting victim's protection order request.
Judge Lisa Bushelman's denial of shooting victim's protection order request.

COVINGTON, KY (FOX19) - Court documents obtained by FOX19 at the Kenton County Courthouse give a window into the life of Alisha Waters and the estranged husband who, authorities say, tried to take her life at a medical building in Ft. Thomas Tuesday morning by shooting her four times in the stomach, side and face. Somehow, she survived. Her husband killed himself.

Waters had tried to warn authorities back in April that she was "in fear for the safety of myself and our dogs." She filed a request for an order of protection on April 16, 2013.

In neat, cursive handwriting, she said that her estranged husband, Dennis Joseph Mathis II, was "continually calling or texting (my) phone multiple times a day." She said that Mathis was "verbally abusive as well as mentally via text messaging and possibly even following me." She accused him of "claiming that I would never see my dogs again."

She said in a two week period, he had called her up to 186 times.

However, six days later, Judge Lisa Bushelman denied the request. She wrote, "No allegation of domestic violence." FOX19 reached Judge Bushelman's office today and left a voicemail asking her to explain more about her decision. So far, we have not heard back from her.

Kentucky defines domestic violence as the "infliction of fear of imminent physical injury," not just as a physical assault that has already occurred.

Divorce papers indicate Waters had been separated from her husband since March. They had been married since July 26, 2008.

It was actually Mathis who filed for divorce. His doesn't indicate why he was asking for a divorce, though his filing mention Waters' request for an order of protection. So he clearly knew about it before filing. Reached by FOX19 Tuesday afternoon, Mathis' attorney, Darrell A. Cox of Covington, wouldn't comment about why his client had filed for divorce other than to say Kentucky is a "no fault" state in which a spouse does not have to give a reason for seeking a divorce.

Waters' attorney, Ryan Beck, responded on July 8 by asking Judge Bushelman to speed-up the divorce proceedings since the couple has no children.  Beck wrote in the court documents that Waters was still paying for Mathis' health insurance. She also alleged Mathis wasn't paying their mortgage or contributing payments to the "Capital One and Bank of America credit cards he opened in (her) name without her knowledge."

Beck tells FOX19 he's only been Waters' attorney since July and does not have any information about the order of protection request. He would not comment about whether Waters ever mentioned this summer whether she still feared for her safety.

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