STUDY: Demand for physicians will increase by 2017

The number of physicians may increase by 2017
The number of physicians may increase by 2017

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - A new study reports that a demand for physicians will grow by 2017 when the Patient Protection and Affordable Healthcare Act (ACA) takes full effect.

The Executive Stakeholders' Council (ESC) and The Health Collaborative say that the Greater Cincinnati area has a shortage of nearly 200 primary care physicians (PCPs).

Full execution of the ACA will offer health insurance coverage for an estimated 30 to 32 million more Americans; 164,000 will be from Greater Cincinnati. The study shows that many of these residents do not have a relationship with a primary care physician.

One reason for the shortage is shown from the standpoint of distribution and access. The report shows that Butler and Clermont Counties are under served by at least 70 physicians each. Additionally, the distance to public transportation has long affected access.

Other reasons include the lack of physicians entering family or internal medicine. The study says that many doctors choose a higher paying specialty to support massive student debts.

"We must address the barriers to care that could prevent newly covered individuals from seeing primary care providers says Judith Warren, CEO of Health Care Access Now.  "This includes transportation and a lack of providers who accept Medicaid."

The study offers a list of recommendations of strategies to increase access and awareness for patients and to recruit doctors.

To read the full study, read the {PDF.}

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