New Nickels

Time for a change: New-look nickels to be unveiled

Thomas Jefferson is getting a makeover. The US mint is unveiling new looks for the nickel today, including a new likeness of the man who was the nation's third president. There are also a pair of new-look designs for the "tails" side. It's all part of the agency's Westward Journey Nickel series honoring the Louisiana Purchase and the Lewis and Clark expedition. It began earlier this year with the introduction of the so-called Peace Medal nickel, which was followed by the Keelboat five-cent piece in August. Until now, Jefferson's image has stood unchanged since 1938. The new-look coins will begin circulating next year. And for those who liked the old design best, the Mint will return Monticello to the nickel in 2006. Separately, a colorful new 50-dollar bill will start circulating later this month.