Volunteers making progress on Keith Maupin's home makeover

MT. CARMEL, OH (FOX19) - A man who has dedicated his life to serving our troops is finding out just how much his selfless work is appreciated.

Local volunteers have banded together this summer to give Keith Maupin a home makeover.

The project started out to be a kitchen and bathroom remodeling job, but as more and more people found out it was for Keith Maupin, the scope of the project took on a whole new dimension.

Maupin is the father of Staff Sergeant Matt Maupin, captured in a convoy ambush by Iraqi insurgents in 2004 and later killed.

He now runs the Yellow Ribbon Support Center in Eastgate, an organization providing support to men and women who serve overseas.

Mike Barrett, a local heating, ventilation and air conditioning contractor, says Maupin's house is being remodeled from top to bottom.

Since the project began earlier this summer, there is now a new heating and air conditioning system, the plumbing has been upgraded and new drywall will soon be installed.

Shannon Moore, a plumbing contractor, says it was Maupin's lack of a working air conditioner that sparked the idea for a home makeover.

"He was living out of a cooler, you know, didn't have a refrigerator. He was staying in his van because his air conditioner was out," Moore explained.

Barrett and Moore began contacting area companies to see who would help.

"Me and Shannon got on the phones and started calling supplier after supplier and the outreach, when you say 'Keith Maupin,' they know exactly who you're talking about and the next word is how can we help," said Barrett.

"Being a past military member myself, you know, God love him. More people should help out so it's the least we could do," Mr. Roof contractor Ray Lawrence explained.

On Thursday, Barrett told FOX19 help is still needed.

"We're in need of probably carpenters more than anything. The carpenters, you know we'd still like to add on to the back of this center to make it bigger for what Keith needs in the Yellow Ribbon Support Center," he explained.

It's estimated that $120,000 worth of material and about $30,000 in labor has been donated.

Maupin says the outpouring of support has left him speechless.

"It's rare that I'm lost for words, but they just keep coming out of the woodwork to make things happen, and the only thing I can truly say is thanks, and I surely appreciate it," Maupin told FOX19.

During the remodeling phase, Maupin will be staying in area motels.

His Yellow Ribbon Service Center will be relocated inside the newly renovated garage at his home. Maupin says he's moving the Center out of the Eastgate shopping area because the rent has more than tripled. 

Find out more information about the Yellow Ribbon Service Center here: http://www.yellowribbonsupport.com/yellowribbonsupportfoundation/yellowribbonsupportcenter/

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