The Western & Southern Open big deal for goers, economy

MASON, OH (FOX19) - The Western & Southern Open is a big deal, both for event goers and the economy.

The tournament's 10-day calendar includes qualifying sessions, tennis matches and special events.

In 2011, the tennis tournament produced a $62.5 million impact for the economy of Greater Cincinnati through its capital expansion, tournament operations, and the spending by visitors from outside the area.

Here's the breakdown. The 10 Day Tournament has a $62.5 Million Impact

$20.9 million in new money enters into the local economy in the form of sponsorships (6%), participant & media spending (5%), and visitor spending (89%).

$6.7 million of this new money helps to fund tournament operations, while the remainder goes directly to local businesses such as hotels, restaurants, and shops.

The event is seen by more than 59 million people in 160 countries worldwide.

Since 1974, the tournament has contributed more than $8.7 million to its beneficiaries: Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center, the Barrett Cancer Center and Tennis for City Youth.

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