Joe D's Bengals Camp Diary: August 12th

"STUPID QUESTION": Had an interesting few minutes with James Harrison.  He was chatting with a couple beat writers by the time I made my way over.  I jumped in when he was talking about how good he feels now compared to the past couple seasons when he played with leg injuries.  I started to ask him how much easier it is to play the game when you're healthy when he popped in with "don't ask me a stupid question."  To which I responded I wasn't finished with my question and said, "how much easier is to play the game when you're healthy...mentally.  Has it energized your game?"  Harrison answered the question and away we went.  Best part of the inteview is when I asked him when he fully felt like he had become a Bengal: "When I got that first paycheck, baby."

PICKLE POWER: Marvin Jones stopped me to say he's received products from a couple pickle companies after our story aired on him drinking pickle juice to stay hydrated.  He promised me my 2% cut for any endorsements...

HAWKINS UPDATE: Andrew Hawkins won't put a timetable on how long he'll miss because of his ankle injury.  I asked him if he anticipates being ready for the season opener and he again said he doesn't want to speculate.  He did say he anticipates being back sometime this season.  Hawkins is currently in a hard cast and anticipates having it on for the next week and a half.