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70 cats taken from mobile home in Sandusky Co.

SANDUSKY COUNTY, OH (Toledo News Now) -

Humane Society agents recently found 70 cats in a mobile home in Green Springs. Now they're working to get those cats healthy and placed in loving homes.

"The looks in the animals' eyes when I walked into that trailer was the look of, ‘Please help. Get me out of here.' And it was hard," said Shannon May, an animal cruelty agent.

It was May's first day of training, and she had to walk into the mobile home in Sandusky County.

"[It was] very unsanitary," said Kelly Askins, an animal cruelty investigator. "There was nowhere you could step that you didn't step in urine or feces."

Askins says the woman who lives there had good intentions – she saw a few cats wandering her neighborhood and brought them in. But in just three years, a few cats turned into 70.

"If you can't full-out rescue them, which means get them spayed and neutered and, you know, vaccinated and stuff like that, then you're not rescuing," Askins said. "You are just the beginning of a problem."

Four of the cats were found dead. Another 34 had to be euthanized due to health conditions. The Humane Society took in 32. Now at 185, they are well above their quota.

"We had to literally clear out one of our rooms that is a normal cat room that we have for our cats here, and we had to literally space them out in the rest of the rooms that we have," said Megan Hobbs, medical manager at the Humane Society.

With low adoption rates and this new batch of cats, the Humane Society of Sandusky County is in need of help. It will cost about $7,200 in vet bills to get the cats healthy.

To donate, visit the Humane Society's Facebook page or website here.

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