Penalties to be assessed on individuals violating texting and driving laws

(FOX19) - Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear has announced that at his direction, the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet soon will assess "penalty points" on the operator's licenses of drivers who are cited and convicted of violating Kentucky's law against texting while driving.

After the bill (House Bill 294) that included the new penalty points failed to reach a vote in the full House before the General Assembly adjourned, Gov. Beshear decided to have the Transportation Cabinet implement the penalty by administrative regulation.

Once the regulation goes through legislative review and is approved by the Transportation Committee takes effect, the Cabinet will begin assessing the penalty points immediately thereafter.

A driver will incur three points for each no-texting violation. The cabinet can suspend the licenses of drivers age 18 and older who incur a 12 penalty points within a 2-year period.

The "No Texting While Driving" law, enacted by the 2012 General Assembly, forbids anyone to send text messages while driving a motor vehicle.

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