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Can you hear me now? Online hearing test going viral

(Source: AsapSCIENCE/YouTube) (Source: AsapSCIENCE/YouTube)

(RNN) - Plastic surgery? Working out? A shiny, new sports car? Nope, there's a better way to prove your youth and vitality to your friends.

An online hearing test that takes less than two minutes and that's a lot more fun than a doctor's office will tell you how good your hearing is.

According to the video produced by AsapSCIENCE, youth determines how high a frequency people hear because of damage done to small cells in the ear over time.

So if you're younger than 20 or if you have somehow managed to avoid loud music and heavy construction for most of your life you likely can hear a sound played at 19,000 hertz frequency.

The test is by no means a replacement for a doctor's exam, but it has become popular after less than two full days on YouTube. The video has more than 860,000 viewers and 12,500 comments since it was uploaded Tuesday.

If your hearing isn't on par for your age, don't feel bad. It could mean you didn't watch the video in 1080p with headphones, as recommended in the description (maybe you need an eye test, too).

It's also a good excuse for drowning out people you really don't feel like listening to.

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