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Giovanna Trimpe's Tailgating Recipes


Ti Penso Sempre ( I am always thinking of you )
Ice shaker
2 ounces coffee liquor
1 ounce or more of coffee mate Natural Bliss low fat chocolate flavor coffee creamer
1 ounce of Chamboard ( French Raspberry Liquor )
1/4 cup Karo Syrup mix in 1/4 cup of chocolate syrup

Use a wide low mouth cocktail and dip it upside down into the mixture and pull up
Mix all the ingredients into the shaker and adjust to your liking.
Shake well and strain into the glass.

Five layer dip tureen 
one nonstick meatloaf pan.
two and a 1/2 large tubes of goat cheese at room temperature.
four avocados. Make the guacamole and season it well.
Usually with Kosher salt, one tablespoon shaved red onion.
a few drops of fresh lemon juice
two jars Old English cheese softened in the microwave and use a small spatula to
make sure to use all the cheese.
One large jar of Julienne Sun dried tomatoes chopped.
One large cream cheese.
Pita chips or any chips that you prefer.
Start layering the bottom of the meatloaf pan with the goat cheese.
Use a spatula for easier spreading.
Add half of the avocado mixture
Add one last tube of goat cheese.
sprinkle half jar of sun dried tomatoes
Now spread the Old English cheese.
Cover with the rest of the avocado mixture
Last layer is the cream cheese.
cover with aluminum foil and freeze for at least over night.
Let the container sit for about five minutes and run a knife through the sides.
Place a platter in which you want to serve the tureen and flip it upside down.
You can be fancy and add more sun dried tomatoes for garnish.
Serve with your favorite dish.

Best cheese dip ever
1. cheese dip for soft pretzels
one 8 ounce cream cheese
three jars of old english cheese
pinch of garlic powder.
In a large bowl add the cream cheese softened, garlic powder
blend with a hand held mixer on low.
The Old English jars I usually take the tops off and microwave them
on low for 25-30 seconds or until soft enough to scrape out with a small spatula
add to the cream cheese mixture and blend until smooth.


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