Non-profit providing diapers to needy moms & dads

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Thirty percent of mothers can't afford diapers for their children, according to a new study by the journal Pediatrics.

A local organization called Baby Basics of Cincinnati is working to lower that percentage.

Stephanie Shankland is a single mother of four. The oldest is 7-year-old Colson and the youngest is 2-year-old Hunter. As you can imagine, she's busy.

When she's not shuffling her little ones to practices and school, she's working to pay for it all including rent, gas and anything her kids need - including diapers.

"They change diapers at daycare every two hours, so that's already five diaper changes in ten hours," said Shankland.

Her 2-year-old is not yet potty trained, so she turns to Baby Basics.

"Our purpose at Baby Basics is to help the children develop appropriately by not having the parents worry about picking between food and diapers," said Kimberly Steinmenn, the director and founder of Baby Basics.

Baby Basics of Cincinnati was founded two and a half years ago.

Steinmenn says in order to qualify, at least one parent or guardian in the household has to be working, the family cannot receive any federal or state cash assistance, and they must meet the financial guidelines for WIC.

"Diapers roughly cost about $40 to $50 a month. For most people, that's not much money but to a family that's lower income and working really hard, maybe minimum wage or less, it's a huge impact, and they're very thankful that they have that one less thing to worry about," Steinmenn added.

All of their diapers are donated or privately funded. They are currently serving 22 families in the Cincinnati area and have served over 40 since they started.

Learn more about the non-profit organization here:!/babybasicsofcincinnati

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