No charges in deadly Pleasant Ridge store shooting

Omar Magdy Abouelalla
Omar Magdy Abouelalla
Omar Magdy Abouelalla when he came in the store
Omar Magdy Abouelalla when he came in the store

PLEASANT RIDGE, OH (FOX19) - No charges will be filed against a Pleasant Ridge store clerk who shot and killed a man he thought was attempting to rob the store.

The incident happened earlier this month at the LM & N Supermarket located in the 5600 block of Montgomery Road.

Police say that 22-year-old Omar Magdy Abouelalla rode a motorcycle to the store and entered the store with a helmet on his head and his visor up.

Surveillance video shows Abouelalla walking directly toward the counter and opening the gate behind the counter to approach the store clerk.

The video shows that the clerk was near the cash register  with no way to exit the store other than by passing Abouelalla.

Within 10 seconds of entering the store and approaching the clerk behind the counter, Abouelalla is shot.

Abouelalla died at the scene, he was unarmed.

Family, friends and co-workers described Abouelalla as a nice person with no criminal history.

Co-workers said that he liked to play jokes on people and, perhaps, he was playing a prank at the time of the shooting.  Investigators says Abouelalla worked for a company that sold cigarettes to the store.

In a release, the Hamilton County Prosecutor's Office noted that the clerk had been robbed at gun point several times before. In fact, the business had been burglarized the week before by someone wearing a mask.

Prosecutor Joseph Deters commented, "This is a sad situation but the clerk acted in self-defense.  We will never know what Mr. Abouelalla  was thinking or trying to do that night but we do know from the video and police investigation what the clerk faced.  Although the investigation revealed that the victim was a nice person who, in all likelihood, had no intention of robbing the store, the clerk did not have the benefit of that information."

A Hamilton County Grand Jury decided that the clerk practiced self defense and he will not face charges at this time.

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