Queen City Fusion Weekend A Success

Organizers for Queen City Fusion say the weekend was a big success.

All the events not only brought in people from the Tri-State, but folks from as far away as Vancouver and Florida came in.

The nice weather was a big factor, but it was also the first time Cincinnati had so much going on in one weekend. Both Reds games sold out. Thats more than 80,000 people. This year's Ohio Classic hit a record 35,000 people. Thousands also came down for the Bengals first home game. It was also the first game in seven years to air on prime time television. Oktoberfest's 500,000 is more more than last year's count. Queen City Fusion organizers say it's exceeding their expectations

"It was a fabulous weekend for Cincinnati, no question about it," says Julie Harrison Calvert with the Greater Cincinnati Convention and Visitors Bureau.

Between 800,000 and one million people flooded the downtown.

"The people of Cincinnati voted with their feet and with their dollars and they've created more than 73 million dollars worth of economic impact in this weekend alone," says Damon Jones with Queen City Fusion.

Nearly all the hotels downtown were booked this weekend. Restaurants saw more customers and tickets sold fast for sporting events and the Symphony.

"I mean it's coming in everywhere. Parking, tail-gating, stores to buy this food to throw a tail-gate party, every facet of the city is seeing that 72.5 million dollars," says Harrison Calvert.

And the success of the weekend is not just about money.

t's about sparking excitement for the future.

"The fact that we have so much going on really puts Cincinnati back on the map and says we're a major city and we're the place to be," says Jones.

To top off the success, organizers for the weekend say the heavy traffic moved smoothly and police did not have any major disturbances or incidents.