Karl Weakens, Jeanne Could Gain Strength

Karl weakens, Jeanne could strengthen again

Hurricane Karl has weakened slightly as it moves west northwest near nine miles an hour. The storm is over open water about a thousand miles east of the Lesser Antilles and is expected to turn to the northwest in the next day or so. Maximum sustained winds are near 125 miles an hour, making it a Category Three hurricane. Karl could strengthen to a Category Four in the next 24 hours. Tropical Storm Jeanne is moving slowly northward to the east of the Bahamas. The storm's speed is eight miles an hour.

Jeanne is expected to turn to the northeast in the next 24 hours. Maximum sustained winds are nearly 60 miles an hour and some strengthening is in the forecast. Jeanne is blamed for at least 90 deaths on Haiti and ten elsewhere in the Caribbean. Neither storm threatens land areas.